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L-Theanine is one of the amino acids which are the building blocks of the proteins. The most common source of the chemical is the green tea. The chemical is one of the essential requirements for the proper functioning of the human body. It is the important part of a number of structural and functional proteins found in the human body. The most important usage of this amino acid is to make certain substances required for the smooth functioning of the brain and the peripheral nervous system. Though green tea itself is a very beneficial natural product, the amino acid L-Theanine is also regarded as some of the very important dietary supplements.

Historical Context

The Chinese monks have been using the green tea since as ago as the history can relate. They were definitely not aware of L-Theanine or its functions in the body at that time. With the advent of the scientific knowledge and the increase in man’s quest to unleash the natural mysteries, the chemical L-Theanine was identified and isolated in last century and then the researchers discovered that it can be used as a supplement to gain a number of health benefits. They noted that the green tea aided the monks concentrate better and achieve higher functions. Sorting the things down, they concluded that the actual active ingredient involved in causing this effect is the L-Theanine. Since then it is being used as a dietary supplement.

Mode of Action

The chemical L-Theanine itself is of no use in the nervous system. It is the building block of a number of enzymes as well as structural proteins of the nerve cells. It is important to maintain the concentration of these enzymes in the human body and only then the human brain can act on a better rate. The gross effect of the chemical’s intake as a supplement is that it enhances the cognitive functions of the brain. In addition to this, it helps the nerve cells grow and form new connections with the neighboring cells. In some cases it also mimics the actions of the amino acid glutamate. Hence it can fulfill the need of both of the amino acids.


The effects of the chemical are observed in almost all the parts of the body but the most visible effects of the chemical on the body are     * It increases cognitive and motor abilities     * Memory is also observed to have an increase when this chemical is used     * It helps metabolize fats, hence improving the health of cardiovascular system     *

In the brain, it prevents Parkinson’s disease

Side Notes

The chemical has been marked safe for adults of all ages. In the ladies who are pregnant or feed their children, its effects have not yet been studied to the level where they can be generalized. It is better to consult a doctor if using them. The dosage is determined by taking into account a number of factors about the user of the supplement. The best effects start being prominent after 3 weeks of continued use.

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